Dreadlock Accessories!

Is it too soon for Springtime dread hats?  I think not!


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Stay warm & Save!

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Hippy New Year to all!

Anonymous asked: I don't mean to be rude by asking this, but how are your items vegan friendly if they're wool? Thank you! Your shop is beautiful, I'm saving up to buy. :3

Because I also use 100% vegan acrylic yarn… no animals involved.  Wool on the other hand is great for baby dreads though.

No offense taken, thanks for the question ;)  Have a great New Year!

Some new hats/tams now at HippyFish!  As always you can shop HippyFish on Etsy or at HippyFish.com.

Be on the lookout for an upcoming New Year’s sale and some fresh hats to start 2013 off in style.  Custom design requests are available too.

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Wool Reversible Rasta hats and a new textured tam pattern now at HippyFish!

Interested in having an idea of your own made?  Contact Me for a custom design!

Have a great day… or a peaceful evening all you lovely fans ☼

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